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Services howto/FAQ a guide to A and C.

Welcome to our guide to services on P10Link.net.

Lets begin with the obvious, what a service is. Services on IRC are special robot users that provide services to users of a network, hence the name. The services we run for public use, are A and C with possibly more to follow. A is the auth service, and is used to gain authorisation to use the other channels, that is it controls who can use C and how, anyone can gain authorisation to use the basic services of C automatically, more on that in a momment. C is the lightweight channel service it is a simple easy to use, leightweight and fast channel service. Channel services are offered to channel owners, they provide basic services like keeping ops in the channel (preventing your channel from bieng stolen) and oping or voicing people you set them to, in order to use C you must first have logged into A, the rest of this tutorial will center on how to create and maintain an account with A, and a list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, and their answers) about C.


Creating an account with A:

To create an account with A you must first have an e-mail address, and have chosen a username for authing, this username can be anything and need not bear and resemblance to your nickname on IRC, you then say hello to a, telling it these things about you and it creates an account.

For example, /msg A hello bob bob@ISP.com bob@ISP.com will create a newuser called Bob with A, and e-mail the password you will then have to use to login to A in future to the provided e-mail address, note that this e-mail address must be provided typed twice as in the example, and be a valid email address.

Once you have recieved the e-mail you will have the password to let you login to your new account with A, an example of how to do this is /msg A login bob thisisapassword that is it your all done!

However before continuing lets look at changing the password you recieved to something more meaningful to you personally, for example Bob's password was thisisapassword and hed like to change it to mypassword so he types, /msg A newpass thisisapassword mypassword mypassword note that the new password has to be typed twice, oh one last thing should you loose or forget your password you can have a new one mailed to you by doing, /msg A requestpassword youremailaddy for example /msg A requestpassword bob@ISP.com now on to the A FAQ.


How do I get C for my channel?

To get C in your channel you must make a request to the staff in #admin the staff will then visit your channel to ensure that you are the owner of it, this may take from a few hours to a day or so, if and when C is added you will recieve the +n flag for the channel (making you an owner).

How do I add/remove someone on my channel?

You can manage the users in your channel by using the CHANLEV command, this command requires owner or master:

You may grant access rights to other users by adding or removing flags on their account. The level of control that a user can exert over C is dictated by what flags they have on the channel. Available flags are as follows: -

+n (owner), The channel owner has complete control over all of C's commands. An owner can remove any other user, including other owners, and can add new owners.
+m (master), A master has the same access rights as an owner, except they cannot modify or add owners or masters. They can add new users to the bot, and they can access all of the commands.
+o (op), If the user has the +o flag, they are able to op themselves on the channel by using /msg C op #channel. If the user also has the +a flag, they will be automatically opped on join.
+v (voice), Same as +o, except the user can voice themselves. Combined with +a flag, they will be voiced on join.
+g (voice), An alternative to +av or +ao, the +g flag will automatically voice a user on join, even if they have +o. This is if the user wants to be voiced on join, but still have access to op, should they require it.
+a (auto), Used with +o or +v, this will enforce autoop or autovoice on join. See also: +g.

The usage for the chanlev command is as follows: -

If the user is on IRC and auth'd in C, then you can add flags using their IRC nickname:

/msg C chanlev #channel nickname +/-flags
/msg C chanlev #feds Deckard +ao (Adds +ao to IRC nickname Deckard)
/msg C chanlev #feds strutsi -ao (Removes +ao from IRC nickname strutsi)
/msg C chanlev #feds Deckard -v+ao (Removes +v, adds +ao)
/msg C chanlev #feds shadow +amnogv (Adds +amnogv to user)

If the user is NOT on IRC, you will need to add flags to their Q account name, prefixed with a # character:

/msg C chanlev #channel #account +/-flags
/msg C chanlev #feds #Deckard +ao (Adds +ao to A account #Deckard)
/msg C chanlev #feds #strutsi -ao (Removes +ao from A account #strutsi)

How can I view all the users on my channel, or the flags on my account?

You can view your own chanlev using the WHOAMI command:


C will tell you what account you are using, and what channels you are known on.

You can view an entire channel userlist if you have flags on the channel:

/msg C CHANLEV #channel

C will give you the userlist, and flags.

How do I turn on the welcome message in C?

The WELCOME command in  is used for activating and setting the channel welcome message, this command requires owner or master:

/msg C WELCOME #channel Hi, welcome to my channel.

You can turn the welcome message back on by specifying the message as "remove", this command requires owner or master:

/msg C WELCOME #channel remove

How do I enforce invite-only on C?

Invite only (+i) can be enforced using the SETINVITE command in L, this command requires owner or master on the channel:

/msg C SETINVITE #channel

It can be undone with the CLEARINVITE command in C, this command requires owner or master on the channel:

/msg C CLEARINVITE #channel

You can invite yourself into a invite-only channel through L with the INVITE command, this command requires +o on the channel:

/msg C INVITE #channel

Copyright (c) 2003 Bas Steendijk, Peter Green and David Ford, C FAQ (taken from L FAQ) copyright QuakeNet IRC Network, all rights reserved.

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